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The Idaho Crypto Group, founded by Jesse McCusker in 2017, is a cryptocurrency and blockchain educational platform. Idaho Crypto Group’s mission is to inform, educate, and grow the cryptocurrency and blockchain economy.

           Blockchain and cryptocurrency are new frontiers in the world of technology. Due to the increasing presence of this technology, it is vital that the Idaho Crypto Group informs the general population about the opportunities that this technology can bring. Idaho Crypto Group covers all areas of the blockchain. It’s team specializes in all aspects of cryptocurrency from investing, to day trading, to business use, to mining, and much more. The Idaho Crypto Group spreads education through many facets such as YouTube, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and BitTube.

        There are endless opportunities to use cryptocurrency and blockchain. The Idaho Crypto Group has made it their goal to educate as many people as possible, from all areas of the globe. Starting through local education of the community and businesses in Boise, Idaho, the Idaho Crypto Group has already made a huge impact and continues to grow every day.

        The long term goal of the Idaho Crypto Group is to become the most trusted source of cryptocurrency and blockchain education in the world. Our growing video library  contains educational content that covers every aspect of cryptocurrency and blockchain that one could think of. Most importantly, Idaho Crypto Group has made it their number one priority to create a community of forward-thinking individuals who strive to secure the future of our economies and businesses. 

I.C.G Team

Jesse McCusker

Jesse McCusker

 Founder of Idaho Crypto Group. Crypto futurist and serial entrepreneur, Jesse spent 8 years as an Electronics and Data Specialist, with an emphasis in fiber optics. Experience in marketing, business administration, customer acquisition and client relations led to his organic emergence into cryptocurrency and blockchain education. A passion for helping others and a “No One Left Behind” philosophy birthed Idaho’s first cryptocurrency educational platform, with the initial aim of educating local Idahoans and business owners on the emanate technology.  

Ryan Clements

Ryan Clements

 A Senior Market Analyst with Idaho Crypto Group. A fervid passion for cryptocurrency resulted from more than 4 years experience trading in US Stocks and Forex. Bridging the gap between his hobby as a trader and his Boise State University education in Business and Finance, Ryan found passion as an educator through spreading his knowledge of technical analysis and market trends. Ryan loves community involvement and helping others learn how to analyze coin prices through market moves and price charts. Ryan’s “Go-Getter” personality inspires his audience to continue to thrive through his teachings.

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Idaho Crypto Group Youtube

Additional Information

Our YouTube is a great place filled with all kinds of educational videos to help users stay up to date with blockchain technology and all of the amazing ways to use it. Learn all the basics between setting up a wallet all the way to getting the in's and out's of making Binance trades including tips and tricks to make sure you are making the best moves possible to expand your Crypto portfolio.

Video Library

Here is an assortment of videos to help you get started.

Boise Public Radio interview

Founders of Idaho Crypto Group, about how Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will change the way you bank and the ways the technology can be used to improve education in Idaho. 

Local Bitcoin - Buy/Sell Crypto locally



 At, people from different countries can exchange their local currency to bitcoins. The site allows users to post advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins. You reply to these advertisements and agree to meet the person to buy bitcoins with cash, or trade directly with online banking. Bitcoins are placed in web wallet from where you can pay your bitcoin purchases directly. 

ICG Token

TRX- ICG Token Information

 The ICG Token was created to promote the mass adoption of the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Token Assets, Smart Contracts utilizing the Tron Network and the blockchain. The ICG Token is designed to introduce and educate new blockchain users how cryptocurrency and the blockchain works in a real world, local use all while  tokenizing our social media platforms to incentive our community for participating.


Top 7 Cryptocurrency Investing Tips for Beginner Investors

  1. Invest with a plan
  2. Diversifying your crypto investments
  3. Don't Store your cryptocurrency on an exchange
  4. Keep your passwords and private keys safe
  5. Enable 2 Factor Authentication everywhere possible
  6. Watch the market cap
  7. Don’t be impatient

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Video Library

Crypto Videos cryptocurrency

 Video library is a great place to learn from. Find the latest and greatest Crypto videos here. 

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 Stop by the downloads section to get Crypto books that can be used to further educate you in blockchain technology. 


Crypto Glossary cryptocurrency

 Are you Fomoing hard over the market all time high because of the latest hard fork? Stop in here to learn Crypto terms.

Places to spend Crypto

Store Crypto Cryptocurrency spend

Links to a number of online stores where you can spend your Crypto

Crypto Maps

Crypto Maps cryptocurrency ATM Coinstar

 Need to find an atm or a local business that accepts Crypto? Let our maps guide you to the nearest one.  

Crypto Classes

Crypto Classes cryptocurrency

If you are a beginner or been into Blockchain technology for awhile and want to expand your knowledge on Cryptocurrency. Join us!

Crypto Tools

dApp links

dApps Tron Crypto cryptocurrency

List of fun Ton dApps you can play online. 


Crypto Wallets

Crypto Wallets

 Your one stop for all the latest and greatest Cryptocurrency wallets. 

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Coin Payments

 Wanna accept Crypto at you business?  We can help! This section has the tools to help set you up to accept Crypto!  

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Website Design Webdesign Crypto cryptocurrency

 Want a Crypto website like the one you see here? Let our team blast out an awesome Cryptocurrency website to your to suite your Crypto needs. 

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You can use your Credit/Debit card here to buy Cryptocurrency.


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