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Chibi Fighters




which has been one of the longest-running blockchain games on the Ethereum blockchain.

We’re now bringing the #1 hit to the TRON Network in 2019. Chibi Fighters is an action-packed, multi-style fighting game, with a vast marketplace filled with gear, armor, potions and weapons to prepare your Chibi Fighter for battle! Chibi Fighters features an online multiplayer module that allows you to team up with friends to form a clan and conquer Chibi Island together.

Fully Animated Action

all 6 billion + Chibi combinations are animated. We use proprietary server-side technology, based

on the popular PIXI framework, creating the ability to play Chibi Fighters on any device with no plugins


Earn Real Crypto Currency

Players can earn in various ways. Individual and multi-player battle winners are

rewarded in TRX. Other in-game contests and minigames can also earn rewards. Players who own Chibi Fighters with special talents or skills can also earn rewards for allowing others to “fuse” with their Chibi Fighter.

Simple, yet deep and challenging

Chibi Fighters is a simple concept game but requires a deep and challenging gameplay strategy.

With various characters, gameplay options and equipment, Chibi Fighters will keep you engaged in

the fight long after many games have become stale and boring.

Play now to earn Tron Coin

Works seamless on the Tron blockchain with the TronLink wallet. 

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